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    ・ 装備の変更、ログインボーナスの受取り方法は?

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    ・ ジェスチャーや無線使えません!

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    1: 2018/02/21(水) 19:08:00.22 ID:WO2vAlU70

    >Gakuto Mikumo (the mind behind Portable Ops' story ) : 

    >Yota Tsutsumizaki( goes back to mgs3 and been moving up every since), Yota is also the director : 

    >Cinematic director is a veteran of mgs, Masaya Kobayashi 

    >Audio director also veteran, from mgs 2 days, Akihiro teruta: 

    >Lead planner, Yuji Kaine, been with the team since peace walker on level design : 
    >Same with Yu Sahara(who is also helping do level design again) : 

    >Tsuyoshi Osada also has a variety of experience with mg as a franchise : 
    >Atsuki Imada is another varied guy: 

    >Lead programmer, Kazuhide Hatsuyama, been with KP since mgs3 : 

    >lead player programmer, Kazuya Matsunaga, goes back to peace walker: 

    >Lead npc programmer, Junji Maruhashi goes back to the skateboarding mini game on substance : 

    >Lead gimmick programmer, Yoshito Ohara, a portable ops and peace walker vet: 

    >Art manager, Mineshi Kimura, a member of the original mgs team: 

    >Lead environmental artist is Jutaro Oue, who started off on twin snakes but became apart of KP: 

    >Lead effects artist, Hiroyuko Tsuchida, also a twin snakes person but also ZOE.: 

    >Lead UI artist , Akira Kanke, been on the main team since mgs4: 

    >And on creature design Masahiro Ito the man who created the monsters and art direction of Silent Hill 1-3, as well as the Clocktower spiritual successor Nightcry : 

    >They also got someone who is ex capcom and ex platinum who worked on revengence, Kenchiro Yoshimura: 

    >Last but not least Of course there's producer, Yuji Korekado someone whos works traces back to Policenauts and then every metal gear solid game after(including PO and PW).